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Health Benefits Of Honey

Health Benefits Of Honey

6 Health Benefits Of Honey You Might Not Know About

Honey was a staple in households for centuries, and was used for sweetening tea, coffee and cakes, and was also a common ingredient in home remedies.  Believe it or not, our predecessors might have been on to something, and recent studies have shown an impressive amount of health benefits that can be had from eating natural, organic, honey. Keep in mind that the benefits listed here is only a small portion of the potential health benefits you can get by eating honey regularly.

1) Antioxidants – Cancer Prevention & Cardiac Health

Honey is a great natural source of antioxidants, providing flavinoids and antioxidants that are essential to reducing the risk of certain cancers, as well as promoting cardiovascular health.

2) Antibacterial and Anti-fungal

Honey contains elements that naturally turn into hydrogen peroxide, effectively killing harmful bacteria and fungus that infect the body. This is a wonderful way to boost your immune system if you think you might be getting sick or coming down with something.

3)Ease Coughs and Throat Irritation

Some forms of honey, in particular buckwheat honey are extremely effective in soothing and minimizing coughing. This is especially true if the cough is a result of a throat infection or irritation. Adding honey to some warm tea is a great, natural, cough medicine.


Honey is also a great source of good bacteria, the ones that are essential to a well functioning digestive system. In order to take advantage of this benefit make sure to use pure, organic, non pasteurized or processed honey.

5) Gastrointestinal Health

Knowing the wide variety of probiotics in honey, it’s not surprise that it has been proven to help with gastrointestinal health, even healing and soothing ulcers. By helping to rid the stomach of harmful bacteria, while introducing the helpful and necessary ones, honey helps promote gastrointestinal health.

6) Heal Wounds & Minimize Scaring

Believe it or not, honey has been proven beneficial in helping heal wounds faster, while minimizing the risk of infection and scaring. Applying a little honey to a cut or burn will not only help it heal faster, but will also protect it from infection.

Honey has been used in home remedies for centuries, and for good reason! Among other things honey is a great source of anti-oxidants, is a natural antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal and has been proven effective in treating many ailments, and even helping to heal wounds. Adding honey to your diet is a great way to improve your health and build up your immune system.

Health And Weight

Health And Weight

The Impact Fasting Has On Your Health And Weight

There’s nothing new about fasting. It’s been around for a long time, but it’s only recently become so popular as a way of improving your health. No longer is just a religious tradition, it’s now an extremely popular technique used for detoxing the body and losing weight. Professionals have been studying fasting and the impact it has on health and well-being for some time now and they are constantly learning new things about the process.

It turns out that fasting benefits the body in many different ways. Long-term fasting is rarely recommended because it can lead to damage, but short fasting periods can really help. Some people also do something known as intermittent fasting, which is where the fast on certain days of the week and eat regularly on other days. They may alternate or choose specific days of the week. Intermittent fasting is really the healthiest way to fast.

Fasting To Lose Weight.

A lot of people are fasting today with hopes of losing weight. After all, not eating for a period of time would seem like it helps you lose weight and it really dose. How does it work? When you eat, your food supplies you with glucose, a form of energy for your body.

Glucose circulates in the blood for some time after eating, but eventually becomes useless. The only way to gain more glucose is to eat more food because the glucose can’t be stored. When your body needs energy, but you haven’t eaten and have no glucose, it must find energy elsewhere.

That is when it turns to your fat cells. Your body breaks down the fat cells and extracts something known as kerotenes. Kerotene is another form of energy for the body similar to glucose. Only, when your body is using kerotene it means you are burning fat and losing weight.

Too Much Fasting.

You can’t keep fasting forever. After a certain period of time your body will move away from breaking down fats and actually begin to break down your proteins. Proteins are needed for muscle mass. Fasting for too long can cause your body to begin breaking down its own muscles instead of fat.

That’s why you need to find a safe amount of fasting. This is perfect for burning kerotene, but not so long you begin to lose your muscle mass. Intermittent fasting can be a great weight loss technique if employed properly.

Fad Diets

Facts You Should Know About Fad Diets

Facts You Should Know About Fad Diets

Have you ever been so desperate to lose weight that you’ve considered trying one of the many fad diets floating around? It’s impossible to research weight loss these days without reading about at least a dozen different fad diets. Unfortunately, most of them do little-to-no good for your body or your health. They’re nothing more than fads, which means they’ll come and go. A healthy diet that actually helps you lose weight won’t go away in a few weeks or months.

Fad diets can be really tempting at times. They often have a lot of support from the public and big time celebrities. Yet, there are some things you should know about fad diets before you ever consider starting one.

While it’s very possible some fad diet will come along that really works, you need to approach them with the assumption that most of them are wrong. From there, if you can find evidence to support that they work, then they might be worth a shot.  Here are a few facts about fad diets that you absolutely need to know.

1. Some Of Them Are Unsafe.

Not only do some of the diets not help you lose weight, but some of them are actually very unhealthy for the body? Why? Because they tend to focus on one specific food or food group. For example, you might have the “meatball challenge diet” and it requires you to eat three plates of only meatballs every day.

However, one of the key components of a healthy diet that actually works is balance. A balance of food groups, serving sizes, types of fats, and the many other things that go into making a healthy meal. You simply cannot have a healthy diet when your diet is focused around a single food or type of food.

2. The Weight Comes Back.

What happens when you find a fad diet that works, you lose weight, and then you move on to another fad diet in a few weeks? Unfortunately, unless the new fad diet works just as well, you’ll put all of the weight right back on your body. You gain weight much faster than you lose weight. Remember this next time you’re considering a diet. Fad diets are short-term affairs, but weight loss is a life-long journey, as is living healthy.

Whether or not a fad diet is right for you is up to you to decide. There are always better choices out there. The best diets are created by the people who eat them. Choose foods with nutrients you know you need and keep your meals balanced.

Dangers Of Obesity

Curb Obesity With Whey Protein Powder

A Closer Look At The Dangers Of Obesity and how whey protein powder can help.

Being obese or severely overweight is not just an aesthetic problem, but a serious health risk. Sure, no one enjoys being obese as it is not seen as being physically attractive, however, this will be among the least of your problems. There are a myriad of health problems and diseases than are caused by obesity and in this article we will be looking at a few of them.

The first danger of being obese is that you will automatically increase your risk of getting coronary heart disease. This occurs when the plaque builds up in your coronary arteries and affects the flow of blood going to your heart. The plaque blocks the flow of blood to your heart and this can cause angina, heart attacks and even heart failure.

In addition to heart complications, being overweight will also increase your risk of getting a stroke. This is when there is a build up of plaque in your arteries and a rupture occurs at this point. This results in a blood clot forming and if the clot is near to your brain, it can cause the blood flow to your brain to decrease, causing a stroke.

Another serious health condition that obese persons may suffer from is type 2 diabetes. This occurs because the blood’s glucose levels are too high and the body’s cells don’t use insulin properly and the body doesn’t produce enough insulin over time. This is a serious problem and is one of the main causes of an early death, kidney disease, stroke and even blindness.

Other common medical issues that you may suffer from due to being obese include abnormal blood fats, metabolic syndrome, cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones and even reproductive issues. As you can see, being obese or overweight is a very clear threat to your health and well being. Therefore, if you know that you are overweight, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to lose weight as soon as possible.

Losing weight is not as difficult as it seems, but it does require a mindset shift. Meaning, you need to start looking at food as fuel and become more aware of what you’re putting into your body. You can start by eliminating processed foods and foods with excessive sugar. Instead, start eating more fresh vegetables and lean meats. Then, once you have changed your diet, you can incorporate exercise a few days per week. Change can be difficult at first, but if you slowly introduce these changes and make them a habit, you will lose weight and regain control over your health and body.


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